Can I prepare the products of VA Foods in the AirFryer?

Yes, you can prepare our snacks in the AirFryer. Because there are several brands and types of AirFryers on the market*, we recommend to check baking times and baking instructions on your manual of your AirFryer.

To avoid cross-contamination, we recommend only to bake no-allergen-containing products in the AirFryer. Watch the instruction video for more information how to warm the snacks.

  minutes ºC
Bitterbal 9 200
Frikandels 6 200
Croquet 11 200
Bami disks 17 200


* We have merely tested AirFryer type Phillips D9240. Other brands can operate in such a way that the preparation of our products fails and baking times may vary **. If so we would like to hear from you.

** These times are averages. Therefore, we advise you to try out the exact cooking time on your type of AirFryer.

For best quality, we always recommend to follow the preparation advice on the packaging.