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Conscious delicious

Healthy food is good for your body and soul. You should enjoy a healthy life. And occasionally you want to enjoy something tasty. But usually the healthy food is not as good as you would expect. Flavour Enhancers, high levels of salt and sugar, preservatives and colouring are often added to your food. 

By using only fresh and food of quality with pure ingredients, VA Foods can exclude many flavour enhancers, preservatives and colouring agents. As a result, you can experience a true taste of a product. 

How to snack with confidence or enjoy a healthy sandwich? 

You won’t have any risks with eating the products of VA Foods: One by one they meet the internationally recognized VITAL-2 standard. The products are gluten free, lactose free, peanut free, nut free and free of other common allergens. This allows anyone to enjoy food with or without allergy or intolerance and to enjoy a tasty croquette. 

VA Foods believes that eating is a social affair. There are also products for vegetarians and vegans. 

To eat together with taste is now possible. This is the only way you can be sure it’s good. That way you can confidently enjoy a hamburger, hotdog, puff pastry, ragout/ vol au vent or bread. Choose interdentally delicious. Choose VA Foods, because food safety is a basic requirement.

Did you know?

Eating out becomes possible.

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VA Foods- Allergeenvrije Snacks

The snacks of VA Foods have no risk: One by one they meet the internationally recognized VITAL – 2 standard. So you are sure that the food is good, so you can enjoy a croquette, noodle-disk or croquette without having to worry about what you eat.

Afbeelding Ragout

The word “ragout” is derived from the French word “ragoûter” which literally means ‘to improve the taste’. This fits perfectly with the vision of VA Foods: Making safe ragout with a better taste. So we make of ragout/ vol au vent a product that everyone can enjoy.

VA Foods- glutenvrij Brood Baguettes

Avoiding bread is no longer necessary, because the products VA Foods are safe and are packed with fibres, vitamins and minerals. That’s how bread should be: a tasty base-product for everyone.