Selling Points


VA Foods products are for sale in various European countries, including the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and Spain. For the nearest sales point, you can search below by type of sales point (right button) or by location. If there is no point of sale in your area, these are the web shops that deliver to your home, namely:

The Netherlands:,,
The Free From Shop,

Belgium:, op aanvraag,

Germany, Austria, Denmark and other countries on request:

If you cannot find a shop, cafeteria, snack bar, chip shop or eatery in your area, then we want to hear from you. You can transmit the information via the contact form

Tip: Click the selection list and opening hours at the desired shop (the full name of the bar).

To be sure your desired shop has a pleasant variety of products currently available, please contact the retail outlet.

NOTE: If you may be eating for example, in a cafeteria or snack bar, it is common that orther products must be prepared first.

To be sure that you get served our snacks, please check with the shop first. We advise you to submit your allergy/ intolerance in advance, so it is clear that our products must be prepared instead of allergy containing products.