Cheeszero Croquettes Mini | mini vegan cheese croquet

The little brother of the Cheeszero Croquette; the Cheesezero Croquette Mini!
Cheese flavor in a crispy jacket, but without cheese: VA Foods presents the Cheeszero Croquette Mini!
A crispy crust and a nice bite, followed by a delicious, creamy taste explosion, that's Cheeszero Croquette Mini. The Cheeszero Croquette Mini can also be seen as the allergen-free replacement for the cheese croquette! Perfect to serve as a gluten-free snack mix or vegan mix.

As you are used to from VA Foods, this product is also free of the most common allergens and no flavor enhancers or colorants have been added. In addition, the Cheeszero Croquette Mini is also vegetarian and even vegan. Conscious delicious! 

Preparation advice: this product can be prepared in the deep fryer, oven with grill or Airfryer (see frequently asked questions). For the best quality, we recommend that you bake the Cheeszero Croquettes directly from the freezer and do not let them thaw.

Fryer: 4 minutes at 170 ° C.
Oven with grill: 18 minutes at 190 ° C. Turn the product regularly.
Airfryer: 9 minutes at 200 ° C.

Note: the times mentioned are averages. These can vary slightly.

To avoid cross-contamination, we recommend that you only use your kitchen appliances for allergen-free products. Residues of other products can remain in your devices, with the result that you still consume allergens.

4 min.
9 min.
18 min.
Nutritional Values
Per 100g
Energy (kJ)
Energy (kcal)
which saturates
which sugars
901,65 kJ
215,26 kcal
10,64 g
7,21 g
27,48 g
0,504 g
4,01 g
1,35 g


water, corn flour, rice starch, palm oil (uncured), tapioca, natural flavoring, yeast, xanthan gum, salt, maltodextrin, onion powder, sunflower, herbs and spices (turmeric, cloves, paprika powder, nutmeg, mace, white pepper, garlic powder, thyme), natural onion aroma

Wettelijke allergenen

Overige allergenen

  • CacaoWO
  • Glutamaat (E620 - E625)WO
  • KippenvleesWO
  • KorianderWO
  • MaïsWO
  • PeulvruchtenWO
  • RundvleesWO
  • VarkensvleesWO
  • WortelWO
  • W = With WO = Without