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Schnitzel: vrij van gluten en van de meeste allergenen

Schnitzel, who does not know it. Anyone who goes to famous holiday destinations where many Dutch, German or Austrian tourists come, is in most restaurants there is Schnitzel on the menu. Reason enough for VA Foods to add the Schnitzel to our range. VA Foods selects the best pieces of chicken meat and herbs. These are covered in a crispy jacket which benefits the taste and bite. The Schnitzels are gluten-free and allergen free (read: the most common allergens).

Fry the schnitzel in vegetable frying oil at 170 ° C. To avoid cross-contamination, we advise you not to bake allergen-containing products in the vegetable frying oil. For the best quality we advise you to bake the schnitzel directly from the freezer and not to defrost. Frozen about 4 minutes.

Oven with grill: 9 minutes at 250 ° C. Return the product regularly.

The times mentioned are averages. That is why we advise you to try the exact preparation time.